School Counselors help students with all aspects of planning their academic courses and succeeding in school.  Contact your School Counselor anytime with questions about classes or your child's schedule.  If desired, request to meet with your child's counselor to discuss current or future classes and academic progress.  These meetings may take place anytime year round.  

Online Grades

Class grades are available online using the Campus Portal login.  Grades are required to be updated each week, and information is not immediate.  
Students and parents/guardians may check with the Counseling Office for their Campus Portal username and password, or if they are having trouble accessing online grades.

Need Extra Help? 

For students who may be struggling with schoolwork, often, the best resource for extra help is the child's teacher.  Contact your child's teacher to discuss current concerns and solicit suggestions. In addition, many teachers offer before or after school help for students.  

Online Tutoring

A live online tutoring site is available through the Scott County Public Library System.  Using your public library card, you can log-in and receive free homework help from 1:00-11:00 PM, seven days a week.  This service is available to students in grades 3-12, and is offered in English and Spanish. 
Scroll down to "Stuck on Homework" and click on "Homework Help Now." Have your library card number handy to log in. 

Pointers for Parents

Click the PDF below for tips about how to help your child improve academically.

STARS Peer Tutoring (Students Teaching and Reaching Students)

This peer tutoring program is offered to any student that needs help with:
  • Organizing homework
  • Studying for tests
  • Adjusting to the senior high atmosphere
  • Completing homework
Talk to your School Counselor  to set up a tutor.  Parent permission forms are required.  When introduced to your tutor, you will each select the time you would like to work together. (Example: Tuesdays and Thursdays before school or Wednesdays after school--whatever works for both of you).  Students usually work together in the Upper Media Center.
Peer Tutors are trained in several areas before they work with other students: teaching tips, patience and understanding, CONFIDENTIALITY, being helpful and positive, and how to assist the student without doing the work for him or her.

Study Skills, Test Anxiety, Time Management

Contact your child's School Counselor to request an individual meeting for your child.  School Counselors can help your child identify problematic areas and make an action plan for how to make improvements.