MARS Program

MARS Program

MARS Students MARS is a post-secondary preparatory academic program with a focus on specific career fields. Specific pathways prepare students for careers by teaching academic content through the lens of a specific professional field. Courses combine challenging high school classes and project-based learning in a professional environment to give students a head-start on their future careers.

New Prague High School’s professional studies program, MARS, is an exciting example of innovation in modern-day education. MARS offers a distinctive way for high school students to apply their course work in real-world settings through hands-on learning, problem-solving through project-based assignments, and working one-on-one with mentors in the community, all while fulfilling important academic credit requirements.

In 2020-2021, New Prague High School will offer courses in three pathways; Business, Healthcare, and Education. They are instructed by licensed teachers and guest instructors from the surrounding community. New career fields are added on an ongoing basis to fit the needs of our students.


New Prague Area Schools are committed to providing its students with the best possible education to thrive and excel in the 21st-century workplace. With MARS, not only are professional skills taught but students are also put into situations where they develop their presentation, collaboration, and social interaction skill set daily while being provided with immediate feedback on their performance. There is no better way to prepare students to excel both in their college and careers after high school. Each pathway has a unique personality, bringing together students with similar career interests, facilitated by a team of licensed teachers.

Top 10 Reasons o take a MARS course
  1. Networking relationships
  2. Focus on soft skill development
  3. Interview and resume-building techniques
  4. Public speaking skills
  5. Meaningful site visits
  6. Career-specific guest instructors
  7. Professional mentor relationship
  8. Collaborative classroom environment
  9. Professional off-site location
  10. Relevant and meaningful learning
Audrey Everson, 2020 Graduate
"The MARS program was an introduction to a possible future career for me and I am very glad I took part in it. I valued the mentorship program because I got the opportunity to talk with someone about their career, ask any questions I had, and create a relationship throughout the course and still continue it to this day."